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The Comeback Game: Inspired and Unstoppable with Barry Magliarditi

Why The Comeback Game Podcast?

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Ever heard of the quote "Every master was once a disaster"? This is said to be true. Winners are people who have lost, experienced the toughest adversities, fought and become their own and other people's heroes. In The Comeback Game Podcast, we talk to people who have done it, who have changed the game but lost it, who are changing the game now and those who will keep changing the game. In this podcast we talk to Winners, to Champions, to brave and resilient entrepreneurs all around the world willing to share how they did it. How they've become "Inspired and Unstoppable."

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Our Vision: To Activate Every Beings Truest Potential and Experience Life Beyond Their Wildest Dreams

Barry Magliarditi, director of The Game Changers, has been recognised for his thought leadership by the 30 under 30, 2015 Telstra Business awards and was chosen as Australian Coach of the Year for the 2016 Invia Innovation and Excellence in Business Coaching in Australia.

He is on a Mission "To create an energised and opulence community of 1000 conscious leaders by 2025 who are actively collaborating, contributing, and evolving through game changing educational retreat, coaching, and co-working spaces to achieve our collective potential underpinned with Gratitude."

The Comeback Game Podcast aims to inspire entrepreneurs all around the world to keep on changing the game. Adversities are inevitable. At some point in time, business owners and entrepreneurs get challenged and knocked off to the ground. But how does the most successful ones do it? How do they overcome the biggest challenges in their lives, businesses, relationships and career?

The Comeback Game Podcast is mapped out thru the original concept of The Hero's Journey by Joseph Campbell. How does a nobody become a somebody? How do self-made millionaires do it? How do one come back to the game and rise above his adversities? All of that and more inspiring stories from our Game-Changing guests who have made their own Comeback Game and became a legend in their chosen fields.

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