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The Comeback Game Episode 31 – Peng Joon

EP: 031

From Passion to Profit...Discover how Peng Joon became an Online Wealth Creation legend!

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A dedicated infopreneur enabling people to take their knowledge, Peng Joon turned his passion and life experiences into a product that is profitable on the Internet. Through his online programs and speaking engagements, he has inspired millions of people from all walks of life and has created over 500 websites. His system has been widely regarded as the most strategic and innovative approach to growing an online empire.

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The Comeback Game VI

During his university days, Peng Joon spent the vast majority of his days playing the online game World of Warcraft rather than attending class. As a result of his gaming addiction, he barely made it through his finals. After nearly flunking out, Peng Joon found himself in $42,200 worth of college debt. Unemployed and broke, desperate to find a way out of his financial predicament, Peng Joon turned to the Internet and discovered a way to make money online from the comfort of his home. His only passion and knowledge about World of Warcraft started his online career.

Seven months down the road, Peng Joon received a PayPal notification of payment received for $7. That magic moment marked the turning point in Peng Joon's life. He had successfully turned his passion into profit. From there he rinsed and repeated the process, replicating results and scaled his marketing strategy into various niches.






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