The Opulence System™

For business owners and entrepreneurs feeling overworked and alone…

The Opulence System™ is THE program for building a profitable, predictable and purpose-driven business that works without you.

Are you feeling a bit lost and alone in business?

Maybe you’re a bit stuck, and looking for some extra help to get to the next level?

It can be hard getting clarity around what you should be doing to grow your business… especially when you’re working 80 hours a week!

The Opulence System™ shows you the exact steps and proven methodology you need to simplify, systemise and scale your business… so you can double, or even triple your profits in the next 90 days while getting back 10 hours a week.

We're The Whole Package

The Opulence System™ is a vehicle for enabling our clients to live a life they truly desire. The program’s incredible success rate is based on three fundamentals:


We teach you the systems and strategies you need to grow and scale. Our Knowledge Portal contains over 100 hours of step-by-step training on every aspect of running a scalable business including marketing, sales, leadership, operations, team building, mindset, and more. New trainings are added to our Portal regularly, including regular expert sessions, and hot seats with members who are smashing their glass ceilings!


Knowledge is useless without the guidance, accountability and support to take action. With 1:1 support from your coach, and a community of business owners to ask questions and get feedback, there’s always someone there to help you keep moving forward. Oh, and we hold bi-weekly group coaching sessions too, where incredible breakthroughs happen for the whole group.


Our community is the secret sauce that brings everything together and makes it SING. Opulence is an active and lively group filled with like-minded business owners who share, ask questions, offer support, get feedback, and celebrate our wins together in a non-judgement environment.

In the Inner Circle, you will find other business owners who have been through what you’re going through right now and can help guide you through.

You’ll rub shoulders with people who have been in business for 20 years or just 2. You’ll meet business owners from all walks of life from cafe owners, tradies, right up to 7 figure business veterans.

Because of this Magic Mix, you’ll help others while others are also helping you. Everyone has something to teach, and something to learn.

What You Need, When You Need It

The Opulence System™ uses a blended learning model, with multiple touchpoints and pathways to your goals. This allows you to tailor your journey to your needs, preferences and lifestyle.
Business Coaching
Knowledge Portal
Live Intensive Events
Supportive Community

Real Business Owners, Real Results

Want to find out more?

Book a 15-minute call with the team for a quick chat. We’ll find out about your business, tell you a bit more about The Opulence System™, and see if we might be a match.

We Do Things A Bit Differently...

Sure, we show you the systems and practices you need so you can earn more, work less, and actually enjoy running your business.

But more than that, we join the dots between WHAT you do (your systems and strategies), and who you are being on the INSIDE (your attitudes and beliefs).

Because the fact is, your mindset is the #1 thing that will hold you back in business… or set you free. That’s why we focus just as much on mindset work (your inner game) as we do strategies and tactics (your outer game).

As far as we know, no other business coaching program in Australia is doing this. But it’s the biggest Game Changer for all of our clients… and it’s what unlocks their incredible success in the program.

Georgie no longer feels alone in business

I thought I was going to get some systems to help me run my business better. What I didn't expect also getting was to be part of a community that makes me feel that I'm not alone, we're all going through the same problems, and we are all committed to helping each other succeed."

- Georgie Brooke, Greater Data

Success doesn’t require working 80 hours a week and never seeing your family. We’ll show you how to work 20-30 hours a week, triple what you were earning before, and get your life back!

The Opulence System™ sets you on course with 90-day sprints towards your quarterly goals. Each quarter we hold your Game Plan™ session to assess which projects will get you the best results in the next 90 days. Then we outline the week-to-week steps towards the goals you’re striving for.

The whole process is aligned with The Game Changers Genius Model™, which has three core drivers; Magnetise, Monetise, and Maximise. These drivers help achieve more time, money and meaning.

Because business isn’t just about making money. It’s about building a life you’ve always dreamed of. It’s about doing something with your life that fills you with a sense of purpose.

Every 90 days we all come together, celebrate and share our success whilst learning new insights and strategies during our 3-day Business Intensive Events.

Each event brings together The Game-Changing Tribe with Barry Magliarditi presenting and teaching the latest, hottest game-changing strategies that will enable you to GROW and SCALE your business.

Set against a tropical backdrop in Australia or abroad, our Opulence Business Intensives™ are jam-packed with fun and incredible learning for everyone to push their limits beyond what they thought was possible.

Members walk away buzzing with new ideas and excited about where they’re taking their business. What’s more, they have a clear roadmap for their goals & projects for the next 90 days.

The power of these retreats is also the intangible experience you take away…

It’s that 1% shift in your mindset that has a domino effect on the rest of your life. It’s that conversation in the hallway that forms a lifelong friendship. That ‘aha!’ moment when you realise something about yourself by listening to someone else’s story. It’s the sense of belonging with a community of like-minded people who have your back.

If you’re working more than 30 hours a week, paying yourself less than your staff, and spending every waking moment distracted by your business… let us help you turn things around in 12 months or less.

You don’t need to work harder, you need to work smarter – by using strategies that leverage more results from the resources you have (time, money, people). The Opulence System will show you how to:

Just imagine…,

No more 60+ hour work weeks.

No more struggling to hit big revenue goals consistently.

No more saying ‘No’ to spending time with your kids.

Instead your business will run on systems that help it grow, scale, and profit… even when you’re not ‘at work’.

Is Opulence right for you?

Opulence is a PROVEN system and methodology that has worked for 100s of business owners. That being said, we can’t help everyone. There are certain criteria that put you in the Goldilocks zone for being a great candidate…

We won’t do your marketing for you, and we won’t run your business for you. What we WILL do is empower you with the skills and tools so you can do these things yourself at a higher level.

Don’t spend many weeks, months, or even years trying to get it right yourself, doing it alone like so many do.

Book a 15-minute call with the team for a quick chat. We’ll find out about your business, tell you a bit more about Opulence, and see if we might be a match.